Mind-Body Attunement Therapy

Mind-Body Attunement Therapy aims to create emotional well-being by working directly with the physiological elements of relational trauma stored in the nervous system. Interventions access deeply held anger, sadness and fear and gently discharge the energy by generating a sense of calm and paying attention to the sensory changes in the body.

This technique is applicable to a wide range of issues including:

• Marital Breakdown, Separation, Loss of trust, Incompatibility

• Work pressure, Panic attacks, Lack of confidence, Insecurity

• Bereavement, Low self-esteem, Depression, Abuse

• Addiction, Eating disorders, Excessive anger


Mind-Body Attunement Therapy is an attachment and trauma focused therapy that combines traditional interpersonal therapies of pioneers such as Sigmund Freud and John Bowlby with current neurobiological approaches influenced by contemporary therapists such as Allan Schore and Peter Levine.

Healthy attachments in childhood become deeply embedded in the neurological architecture of the mind. They give rise to flexibility in emotional processing, social interaction, behavioural choices and cognitive functioning, leading to a healthy personality and sense of self.


Unhealthy attachments and other traumas stretch the mind’s natural ability to heal beyond its limits. These unresolved traumas damage self-regulating neurological structures, leaving engrained patterns of hyper vigilance and dissociation.


These destructive states of mind and unintegrated bodily reflexes support a host of counterproductive coping strategies and eventually exhaust the nervous system. Mind-Body Attunement Therapy is effective in relieving many symptoms which can be physical, emotional, social, behavioural or cognitive. These include:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, anger, and shame;
  • Conflict, isolation, loneliness, loss;
  • Addictions, eating disorders, compulsions, self-harm;
  • Obsessive thinking, suicidal ideation, delusions, paranoia, etc.

Mind-Body Attainment Therapy utilizes the processes of our social nature as it replicates the pattern of attunement in a healthy attachment to facilitate the client’s reintegration of mind and body. This process reactivates the natural healing systems that allow the nervous system to heal and grow. As the nervous system resets, the state of mind is increasingly based in the circumstances of the present moment, allowing a general state of peace and calm, with appropriate appraisal of and reactivity to threat. An attuned mind and body has access to a flexible range of coping strategies which reforms the personality and enhances the sense of self.

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