EMDR helped to file memories and promote healing

I can’t thank Mary enough for introducing me to EMDR therapy.

I was a total basket case after leaving and abusive relationship. I was anxious, I was having intrusive thoughts and even some physiological responses to memories and triggers.

As it turns out with a lot of traumatic events (of any sort), little memories were floating around in my brain, unable to properly “file” themselves. It was those little memories that were inhibiting my ability to heal and move forward.

With the help of Mary and EMDR, we were able to properly sort those memories and essentially, file them in the proper folders in my brain. The best part was that it is not a sit down and talk about my feelings kind of therapy. These issues needed to be dealt with, but not necessarily talked about. Mary made the environment very comfortable and guided me through the EMDR process at my own pace.

V., Vernon, BC

Gottman Method efficient and insightful

I found the counselling experience with Mary to be comfortable and very insightful.  The Gottman principles were a great way to assess how we approached our marriage as an individual and a couple.  It gave a framework and a concise look at what was strong and weak in our marriage.  Knowing this allowed for an efficient counselling experience.

Mary was objective and very present for our sessions.  She was fair with both of us in our discussions and this was important in building trust with her.  It was a great investment in our marriage.

S., Vernon, BC

EMDR helped me improve interpersonal relationships

I undertook personal counselling with Mary Graydon. This counseling showed that my reactions to traumatic events that I had thought long resolved continued to impact my thoughts, behaviours and interaction with others. Mary recommended EMDR as a way to resolve the lingering influences of these events. This therapy helped me develop responses to current challenges with more mature and healthy thoughts, behaviours and interactions. Mary provided warm, thoughtful guidance as I re-explored these events, found understanding, forgiveness (of myself and others) and a way to finally put these issue truly in the past. I will always be grateful to Mary for her support and the insight this EMDR process provided.

H., Vernon, BC

Couples counselling helpful

Mary was able to challenge us in ways that helped us grow as a couple. She is insightful, practical, and is not afraid to raise any topic for discussion.

A. and K., Vernon, BC

Family begins healing

Mary is a highly skilled therapist with a gift for connecting with others. I came to Mary encumbered with fear and failure. My relationship with my husband had deteriorated, our adult children were struggling, and we had been estranged from one family member for over a year. Mary helped our family move from a state of despair to one of hope. We had two sessions within a 3 week period. Under her guidance, in a safe environment, we started to connect with courage and respect. We are dealing with some of the hurt and pain of our past and taking action to move away from our cycle of dysfunction. One of my goals was to have a family dinner. This has happened. We are healing. Each of us is developing skills to improve relationships within the family. I take comfort in having Mary as our counsellor.

G., Vernon, BC