Free yourself from unwanted and intrusive thoughts through EMDR therapy

I recently finished working with a client who had been in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. She was exhibiting classic signs of PTSD: intrusive thoughts, hyper-vigilance, and “fight, flight or freeze” responses when she thought of the abusive partner or saw reminders of him.

She did EMDR therapy for four months with me, and left my office the other day completely free of unwanted intrusive thoughts (distressing thoughts of memories of a trauma that just “show up” out of nowhere) and any fear of coming into contact with the abusive partner. We were BOTH amazed and delighted at how quickly her memories of the abuse were “filed” or adaptively processed by the EMDR sessions.

I find this over and over: what seem to be entrenched and frightening memories are faced and dealt with by this amazing therapy. The central nervous system wants to and WILL heal all on its own when given the means to do so.

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